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As tenant representatives, we serve as the tenant’s advocate during the lease renegotiation or relocation process, creating negotiating leverage, alleviating conflicts of interest and leaks of confidential information, and leveling the playing field with professional landlords.

The key to successful tenant representation is knowledge about both the client and the real estate market. Knowledge of the client’s objectives and issues, business plan, operational issues, funding, employee base, etc. is paramount to successful tenant representation. Equally important is knowledge of the real estate market – knowing vacancy rates, having accurate market lease comparables that reflect rental rates, rent abatements, tenant improvement allowances provided, rental escalations, etc., understanding how each landlord negotiates, and understanding the financial strength of respective landlords.

Whether your organization is considering relocating, expanding, down-sizing, renewing your current lease, identifying a site for future use, a built-to-suit, an investment, sub-leasing space, or a purchase – it is critical to your bottom line to have an ‘advocate’ ensure that every phase of the transaction is handled to your advantage.

Clients Served Include:

Our Tenant Representation Services

  • Current Situation Analysis and Strategic Planning/Portfolio Review
  • Market Analysis and Alternatives Identification
  • Strategic Site Selection
  • Disposition Services
  • Demographic Studies
  • Municipal Incentives Identification and Negotiation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Lease Review and Negotiation
  • Renegotiation and Renewal of Existing Leases
  • Fair Market Value Determination
  • Construction and Post-Occupancy Services

The Process

Although every transaction is unique, the process for most tenant representation assignments can be summarized in six major phases. We aggressively pursue our clients’ objectives by guiding them through each phase of a transaction, paying close attention to details every step towards mission accomplishment.

    • Definition of Requirements and Team Selection 
    • Situational Analysis and Strategic Development 
    • Market Survey 
    • Alternative Site Qualification and Selection 
    • Negotiations
    • Follow-up Service and Ongoing Maintenance 

Click HERE to view a more detailed outline of the Tenant Representation Process.