The Veterans Advantage

Veterans Commercial Real Estate offers several meaningful advantages over our competitors, culminating in superior service and results for our corporate clients. 

Best Deal/Right Deal

We believe that it is important to find the “best” and “right” terms for every transaction since real estate is simply an enabler that allows an organization to execute its platform.  The “best” and “right” terms involve more than simply pounding on a landlord for good economic terms. We believe it is important to spend time that enables us to have a thorough understanding of a company’s culture in order to find that right space and location that results in increased employee productivity.

No Handoffs

We believe that the difference between a great real estate solution and a mediocre result rests squarely in the hands of the individuals on your team. At other firms, business is often secured by a senior person, but behind the scenes the transaction is “handed off” to much less experienced staff. Veterans Commercial Real Estate is strictly comprised of senior-level personnel that hold our industry’s highest professional designations.

Character Matters

We believe that having rock-hard ethical and moral strength is a vital requirement in providing service to our clients. The Army values of “selfless service” and “duty” are as applicable in establishing long-term, trusted relationships as they are in obtaining success on the battlefield. Our company values of “Duty, Honor, and Country” reflect those instilled in our President at West Point.