Midmark Corporation

At Midmark, each time we touch any customer, any supplier, our communities, or one another, we create an emotional connection and positive energy that implies trust and commitment. We bring this to life by making a difference in our world every day. Every teammate. Every touch. Every time. That is the core of our culture and what we call the Midmark Experience. Brad took the initiative to understand our culture, live it and become an integral part of our team. This allowed him to guide us through multiple transactions, and with much patience and perseverance, exceed our corporate goals.  Brad is a true contributor to our success.

-Amee Sherman, CPM; Director, Corporate Purchasing

Q10|Triad Capital Advisors

Q10|Triad Capital Advisors has utilized Brad Ruther's commercial real estate consulting services for two different lease negotiations.

Brad is extraordinarily knowledgeable about the office markets and current rental market. Throughout the space tours, lease negotiations, and move-in processes, Brad was solidly in our court with advice and strength to guide us. We are certain that we executed better leases and made better choices with Brad's involvement.

He is responsive and has a stellar reputation for character. We would highly recommend Brad to represent tenants or landlords for their office real estate needs.

-Susan G. Branscome, President

Seven Hills Women's Health Centers

Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers engaged the services of Mr. Ruther some years ago while in the midst of a difficult negotiation for the purchase of a medical office condominium. Unfortunately for Seven Hills Mr. Ruther’s representation was not sought until the eleventh hour, and although purchase agreements had been executed prior to our introduction, he was still able to help the physician practice recover some ground lost early in the negotiation process.

Subsequent to that date I have called upon Mr. Ruther to oversee all matters involving real estate transaction on behalf of Seven Hills. Upon his departure to Iraq there was a short period of time during which his services were unavailable and, upon his recommendation, support was solicited from one of his colleagues.

However, as soon as he returned to U.S. soil, we transferred responsibility for our account back to him.

Seven Hills Women’s Health Centers is a large single specialty practice, concentrated in women’s health care. We have 17 locations, a few of which are under the ownership of the organization, or principals therein. All others are leased from any manner of property owners ranging from hospital based to other business entities.

Oversight of so many properties and compilation of the data elements related to lease renewals, lease terms, options for relocation, etc. are matters we defer to an expert in the industry. Of particular importance, however, is that our interests be represented by someone willing to expend the time necessary to assess the optimal benefits for, and needs of, the practice.

To that end, we rely upon Mr. Ruther who is professional, conscientious and responsive. Moreover, he is possessed with a comprehensive and dynamic understanding of the real estate industry and, specifically, the community in which we do business.

It is without reservation I am able to recommend his service.

-Jennifer Dunaway, Chief Operating Officer

Indecon Solutions

Brad Ruther has been our agent the last two times our office space has come up for renewal. Both times he has worked with us to secure exactly the space we needed, where we needed it, at very competitive prices. He took the time up front to thoroughly review and understand our needs, which means that I only spent time reviewing those properties that met, or had the potential to meet, our space, layout and location needs. I found this extremely helpful as it eliminated the need to look at unnecessary properties and focus on the ones that were really valid options.

His knowledge of the local market, landlords, standard contract language and options, as well as pricing all worked to our advantage. The result? We obtained the exact amount of space needed, in a highly desirable location at a very competitive price. How do I know the price was competitive? Well, Brad negotiated a right of first refusal for the empty space adjacent to our new office. That space was actually rented within a week of us signing our lease and because of our right of first refusal, I was able to see the exact financial terms of that lease. The comparison showed that we rented 20% less space, at a lower square foot cost, with the first 6 months of rent free, compared to the adjacent lease that received 2 months of free rent. Not only are we in the building we wanted to be in, we are saving money every month for the next 5 years, due to the lower square foot cost. Plus our first 6 months are free! Brad makes things happen for his clients and I am certainly pleased with his services, 5 years ago and again this year.

I would be happy to answer any questions about the services that Brad Ruther has provided our company.

-Mark J. Kash, Regional Director

The Bank of New York

I wanted to thank you for your efforts in connection with The Bank of New York Trust Company's recent lease at 525 Vine St. It was a particularly challenging assignment given the Bank's time constraints. The requirement for a new office in downtown Cincinnati came about at year-end and the Bank's objective was to achieve occupancy by mid-March. Thanks to your efforts, we were able to achieve our objective. The Tenant is pleased with its new office and we were pleased with the economic terms achieved. Your market knowledge, persistence through negotiations, input in the lease negotiation, and responsiveness throughout the entire process contributed to our success.

The Bank appreciated all your efforts and I enjoyed working with you. I hope we will have another opportunity to work together again in the near future.

-Nancy Schechter, Vice President

Greater Cincinnati Health Council

The Greater Cincinnati Health Council engaged Brad Ruther for his brokerage services in June 2008. At that time, we had one year left on our lease, and we wanted to begin the move vs. stay evaluation process early and take our time in making the right decision. During the summer of 2008 Brad identified 13 locations in our target area, and he and I visited those rental properties and received several proposals. In addition, Brad met with the building managers of our existing property and received an initial quote from them.

Brad’s market knowledge, attention to detail, and negotiation skills helped us to make the best decision for our company including outstanding economic terms for our new lease. Brad was able to use current market conditions to our advantage, and worked with me for almost a year on the project. Although it was a long process and negotiations with our current landlord took numerous twists and turns, Brad was patient and persistent. He displayed good attention to detail and a continued focus on our company’s rental space goals. The result is that we added over 30% to our total space, upgraded our existing space and kept the rental cost at levels very close to what they were when we moved into the building 15 years ago.

Whether a tenant is interested in finding new office space, purchasing a building, or re-negotiating their current lease, I recommend Brad’s services without reservation.

-Rick Delewski, Vice President of Business Development


HealthBridge initially engaged Brad Ruther for his brokerage services in July 2002. At that time, we were outgrowing our current space and needed to find a new home. Brad’s market knowledge, attention to detail, and negotiation skills helped us to find the best location at the best economic terms for our organization.

Pleased with the services Brad provided several years ago, we recently engaged Brad to represent us in either finding a new location to accommodate our growth or to assist us in expanding the space we currently occupy and renewing our lease. After touring several buildings and receiving several proposals, we decided to expand our space and renew our lease. Brad was able to use current market conditions to our advantage, reducing our rent, having the landlord pay for our required improvements, and we were also able to negotiate a tenant improvement allowance on future expansion. While this process took almost one and a half years, Brad’s patience, persistence, and attention to detail never waned.

Whether a tenant is interested in finding new office space, purchasing a building, or re-negotiating their current lease, I recommend his services without reservation.

-Keith W. Hepp, Vice President of Business Development

Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

We have been very pleased with our selection of you to represent the Chamber's interest in our recent office space search. Your expertice in the downtown Cincinnati office market, extensive background in developing and negotiating leases, and contacts within the industry were extremely valuable.

You positioned the Chamber to take advantage of positive lease trends and deliver the most attractive deal possible. This will greatly benefit our members, investors, and Chamber staff.

Our team appreciates your commitment to every phase of this project including consultation with our architect, vendors, and construction management team.

We can't wait to move into the "open, progressive, urban, business center" "new" home of the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. Thanks for all of your help.

-Michael Fisher, former President and CEO

Mid-City Pediatrics

Several years ago, the owners of Mid-City Pediatrics made a strategic business decision to open a second location in West Chester and to relocate its main office elsewhere in the Cincinnati area. At the beginning of our search, we engaged Brad Ruther to guide us through the process.

Brad is very knowledgeable about commercial properties, commercial build out, and lease terms. He has an excellent support network for legal and construction matters. Throughout the process, we relied heavily on his expertise and advice.

We relocated to Kenwood in June 2004 and opened our second office in West Chester in April 2005. Brad played an essential part in the entire process and especially in the negation of the leases. Without his help, we would be paying a much higher cost per square foot and much higher operating expenses.

Brad is professional, thorough, conscientious and extremely patient. He is a pleasure to work with. While we do not plan to relocate or add offices in the near future and are not actively utilizing his services, Brad keeps us informed of the medical real estate market.

We highly recommend his services.

-Camille Graham, M.D., President

Genex Services, Inc.

I have worked with brokers in the past and have never experienced such thorough and comprehensive service. From the onset you provided us with great market data and advice on what we should expect with our search. I report to a corporate office, which is out of state, so the RFP services and property to property analysis was invaluable in my communication with senior management. Your attention to detail saved GENEX both money and time.

The negotiations that you performed on our behalf also caught the attention of the GENEX corporate team. GENEX maintains over 125 locations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Our Legal and Property Management staff indicated that the lease you negotiated for us in Cincinnati is one of the best we have anywhere!

We look forward to working with you again, when our space needs change.

-Danette DiAntonio, Midwest Director of Managed Care Services